Richard Feynman: Fun to Imagine and other videos

I have three favorite Richard Feynman videos that I want to share here. Not only was Richard Feynman a genius, he was a wonderful communicator and had a very special gift for communicating complicated topics in easier to understand terms.

The first video is a series of answers to various questions. It’s called “fun to imagine” and it certainly conveys his passion for learning and his curiosity about things. The second video is a wonderful introduction to how computers work. It’s funny and extremely educational. In the third video, Richard Feynman discusses the topic of nanotechnology. It’s a very informative overview for anyone curious about nano-tech.

Richard Feynman – Fun to Imaging

Richard Feynman – Computer Heuristics (a simple and fun overview of how computers work)


Richard Feynman – Nanotechnology


At a lecture in the 1960s, Richard Feynman gave a talk on “What is Science”. In that talk, he quoted a poem as follows:

A centipede was happy quite, until a toad in fun
Said, “Pray, which leg comes after which?”
This raised his doubts to such a pitch
He fell distracted in the ditch
Not knowing how to run.

Then, he went on to say:

All my life, I have been doing science and known what it was, but what I have come to tell you–which foot comes after which–I am unable to do, and furthermore, I am worried by the analogy in the poem that when I go home I will no longer be able to do any research.

Learn more about Richard Feynman here:


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