Make Rain in your Kitchen

Watch what happens when warm moist air meets a cold front in your kitchen? It rains!

This experiment takes approximately 15 minutes.


  • A pyrex type glass baking dish or coffee pot – something you can see through.
  • ice cubes
  • a plate (that fits over the top of the baking dish)
  • boiling water


  • place 10-20 ice cubes on the plate
  • pour boiling water into the glass dish
  • place the plate over the dish


  • What do you observe?
  • Can you explain what is happening?


If you see the water condensing and forming water droplets that fall back into the water, you have just made rain inside the covered dish. The rain you just made is very similar to the same principle that causes rain to occur. The amount of water (water vapor) that air can hold depends largely on the temperature of the air (warming air can hold more water, cooler air can hold less water). Warm air full of moisture (in this case, the boiling water) encounters cooler air (the dish with ice on it) and as the warm moist air cools, the moisture can no longer be held in the air and it starts to condense. Once there is enough condensation and the water droplets become too big, they rain down.

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