How does motion affect temperature?

Do you think you can change the temperature of water by mixing it with a mixer?

Time: about 5 minutes


  • one small mixing bowl
  • water
  • mixer (hand mixer or electric mixer)
  • thermometer


  • fill one mixing bowls with tap water
  • measure the temperature of water in each bowl
  • using the mixer, beat the water in one bowl for 1-2 minutes
  • once again, measure the temperature of water in the bowl


  • What happened? Did the temperature change in the bowl?
  • What do you think caused the temperature change?
  • What are the variables that might affect how much the temperature changes?



As Richard Feynman says, when something is warmer than something else it’s because the atoms are jiggling more. The mixer is moving the water quickly and forcing the water molecules to collide (or, more fun to say: jiggle). The collisions make the atoms jiggle thus raising the temperature of the water.



Can you think of other ways to warm up the water using motion? How about shaking the water within a container?

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