Grow Sugar Crystals that you can Eat!

Sugar molecules are already in crystal form. This experiment allows you to grow larger crystals and eat them!

Time: 2-3 days


  • sugar
  • water
  • thin wooden chopstick or kabob stick
  • pan to boil water
  • optional food coloring
  • glass jar
  • clothes pin


  • size the wooden stick to fit vertically in the jar without touching the bottom or the sides. Fasten the stick with a clothespin or similar clip to hold it in place.
  • bring water to boil on stove (turn off heat)
  • add sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved
  • optional add food coloring and mix
  • pour the dissolved sugar water into the jar
  • place the vertical stick into the jar so that it is well away from the sides or the bottom of the jar
  • Observe as it cools and let sit for up to a few days


  • what happened o the stick?
  • what happened to the water level of the dissolved sugar water in the jar


  • By adding so much sugar into the water, you are creating a super-saturated solution. When the water cools and when the water starts to evaporate, the sugar in the mixture needs to find a place to go. The wooden stick ┬áprovides a nice place for the sugar to hang out, literally.


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