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In this post, I wanted to focus on a fantastic science resource. His name is Bruce Yeany. He has produced hours and hours of videos based on experiments he has conducted in his classroom over decades of teaching. He is fun to watch, informative and you wind up learning a lot about science and physics from him. He has been a teacher of physical science in central Pennsylvania for 40+ years. He shares all of his wisdom in a variety of simple to follow videos that he somehow finds the time to produce, direct, edit star in, and publish on his YouTube channel.

Cool Kid’s Science is striving to encourage “Kids” of all ages to experiment with a variety of science concepts and to build hands-on experiments that are fun, educational and that will reinforce the wonderful world of science. As Bruce Yeany himself says:

I have found that designing and building my own equipment has taught me more than any course that I have ever taken.

Here are some of Bruce Yeany’s most popular science videos from his Youtube channel.

Sand Pendulums (Lissajous patterns)

Trammel of Archimedes (a simple machine that doesn’t do anything!)

Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy Experiment

Homemade Speaker that really works!

Here are some useful Bruce Yeany Science Links:

Bruce Yeany Facebook

Bruce Yeany School District

Bruce Yeany YouTube channel

Bruce Yeany Google+

Bruce Yeany Book available on Amazon

If You Build It, They Will Learn: 17 Devices for Demonstrating Physical Science (PB200X)


Here at Cool Kid’s Science, we share a deep appreciation for science, hands-on science, homemade science, fun science experiments, and for teachers who find ways to make Science interesting and fun for all ages. Bruce Yeany is a great resource to follow and subscribe to. Thank you, Bruce!

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